Coffee Photo Package

Coffee Photo Package

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Rough Knotty Pine Planks
Smooth Knotty Pine Planks
Wide Knotty Pine Planks
Polished Stone
Coloured Boards
Natural Paneling
Brick Wall 1
Cracked Concrete 2
Polished Stone
Polished Granite Dark
Polished Granite Dark
Pink Veined Marble
Coloured Boards
Cracked Concrete
Cracked Concrete 2
Blue Steel


Have ShareHaus photograph your coffee product at our studio. We will supply 4 different product shots on the backgrounds and surfaces that you select and upload them directly to your image gallery and shop.

Step 1:

Select the quantity of coffee products you wish to photograph. For example, If you are going to market with 4 products, then select 4.

Step 2:

Select a background. For example, If you like the look of the colored boards, then select them.

Step 3:

Select a surface. For example, If you like the look of the cracked concrete surface select that.

Step 4:

If you would you like to receive the coffee at you home or business (for additional photos or simply to enjoy), select the receive a physical product option.

What happens next?

We do the rest. In the next 2 business days we will upload your product photos to your website. Please inspect your photos. If you require changes you only have a 3 business days to request the changes.

Can I Add props to my shoot?

Coming Soon! We are planning to add the ability to incorporate props into the shoot.

What If I don't like the photos?

No problem. You have three days from the time we upload the photos to your site to request a re-shoot.

Can you edit the images for me?

Our graphics artist are available by the hour. We are happy to make changes to you images files.

Will I own the image files?

Yes,  of course. The files belong to you and you are free to use them in any other context you wish.

High Quality Images

Make your product look its best. Customers are fussy and a good product photo with proper lighting and set makes all the difference.

Light on your finances

Just a fraction of the cost of professional product photos. Why spend more? Choose to receive your product for additional photos and/or tasting!

Easy and Fast!

Don’t get overwhelmed. Get it done and get it launched. We do this in a fraction of the time.