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Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about ShareHaus Coffee. If you still have questions, shoot them over to us using the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll do our best to answer them.




How Can i Integrate this service with an existing web site?

Very easily. ShareHaus.coffee is a sophisticated fulfillment system that easily integrates with any existing web site. When you feel good about your ShareHaus store, you can point it to any URL you control, or you can continue to use your mybusiness.sharehaus.coffee URL.
You might also choose to host your entire site with ShareHaus and use it’s sophisticated suite of marketing tools to run your coffee business without the added complication and expense of a separate site.

Your ShareHaus site comes equipped with the following marketing tools built right in:

  • an SEO addon,
  • an analytics addon, 
  • a mailing list optin addon, 
  • discounted mail delivery service plan,
  • a social sharing and following addon,
  • a forms and quizzes addon,
  • a referral automation addon,
  • A load time optimization addon. 

As well as many many more features designed to get you selling fast!

Can I run my own site and point to ShareHaus only as a Store?

Yes absolutely. Migrating an existing site can be time consuming. So you can simply point to ShareHaus.coffee for the purpose of selling goods.

On the other hand, ShareHaus comes with so many marketing features that running your entire site on the ShareHaus network is tremendously advantageous.  Also, we are adding more features every day so unless your are willing to invest a lot of time, effort and resources into creatinf a state of the art marketing platform, you are almost certainly better off with using the Sharehaus platform in its entirety.


I Own a foodservice business. Can I Use ShareHaus coffee for My brick and mortar store?

Absolutely! In fact it’s one of the best uses of our service. We offer a 5 Lb food-service bag along side the other retail formats (3/4 Lb, 1 Lb) .
A typical café might:

  • stock retail 1 Lb bags on it’s shelves for walk-in customers to take home,
  • use its own branded product in 5 Lb bags for in-house drink preparation,
  • make it all available through its own ShareHaus site (pointing at its own domain name)
  • and offer a wholesale rate to other merchants so they can resell their trendy product in their own businesses.

It’s all baked in to what we do. Best of all, we drop-ship it all to you and your customers so there is no effort required on your part. We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Can We Just buy a larger quantity of Coffee and reSell it through our own website/ store/etc...?

It would defeat the purpose of our service. Sharehaus Coffee is for people and businesses that wish to own and market a coffee brand independently of the effort and cost required to produce and distribute it. If you wish to produce, and distribute the product yourself, ShareHaus is not for you. 

ShareHaus caters to businesses and individuals focused on marketing their product to their community and social networks.

Can you integrate with our Shopify/Magento/etc... store?

Not at this time, though some integrations are planned.

Is there a contract?

When people speak about “a contract” they usually refer to a commitment to purchase a set quantity of product or to use the service for a set period of time. ShareHaus Coffee does not require any such commitment. You simply sign up to the plan that best suits your needs. You can pay monthly or save by paying for the plan with one convenient yearly payment. No comitments.

What is the minimum order quantity?

There is no Minimum Order Quantity.  When you sign up to a ShareHaus Coffee plan, we prepare to produce your coffee, tea etc… on demand. As orders go through your store, our automated roastery responds to them and ships them to your customers within 3 days.  You do not need to purchase any inventory.

How do I get paid?

ShareHaus Coffee connects to your bank account so that when a customer makes a purchase from your store, the profit from that sale gets paid out directly to your bank account after 3 days.

What is on the bag, and shipping box?

Your label goes on the bag and we place an attractive shipping label on the box.


Wait! I have More Questions…

Yup! That happens.
With a service this new, we get lot’s of questions.  Fill in the form below and we’ll gladly answer any of your questions.

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