How does it all work?

...and how much does it cost?


Not as much as you might think. Check out our typical example below.

How does it work?


Sharehaus Coffee roasts your coffee and then drop-ships it and other goods directly to your clients. Our revolutionary service allows you to be a “living room coffee roastery“.

Private Label Coffee, Merch and Much More… is a coffee roastery that specializes in producing beautiful, high-end, private label coffee for people just like you. We produce your coffee, to order, in real-time, and drop-ship it to you in your store and to your private label customers.

Private Label Merch

We have added recently added private label merchandise to our private label coffee roastery services.
What does that mean? We are now able to print t-shirts, hoodies, aprons, as well as other apparel, with your logos and marks on them in house at competitive prices. That means you do not need to hold any inventory whatsoever.

Crazy huh?

So if you sell one, we make it and ship it. No need to buy 10 units of each size. This capability also solves another issue, that of testing the product that you intend to sell. For example, did you get your design wrong, is it not selling, want to make some changes?

No problem… upload a new design and you are all set.

Okay, so that’s pretty cool.

Built-In Commerce

All of our hosting comes with built-in commerce. That’s the whole point isn’t it? Yup!

So it’s all setup for you. Right down to the coffee subscription program. So get in, upload your product photos  (or get free stock photos), a create snazzy label (or have us do it), write some snappy copy (or use ours) and get selling!

Marketing Smarts to Drive Your New & Existing Business

All accounts are now equipped with new and sophisticated features for:

  • affiliate programs
  • polling and quizzing
  • email optins
  • coupons & promotions

Features that allow you to engage your community. Connect with your your clientele in ways you never thought possible and as always, you’re the boss, you set your rates, link durations, and manage the process…all from the comfort of your Sharehaus dashboard.

Turn Key Setup Available

Sounds new fangled and complimacated? It really isn’t… but everybody is pretty busy so we are now offering a fully developed web site, along with hosting for one or two years in convenient ready-made packages designed to start you up in the blink of an eye. Hire our graphics team to build out your web site and get up and running quickly for the most reasonable rate in the industry.

All turnkey setup plans come with unlimited support. Check out plans and packages here. 

How much does it cost?

There are different product categories and they all have different fulfillment costs.




Vendor Supplied Goods

Basic Cost

actual cost of product

 actual cost of product

actual cost of product

7.5% of retail sale price

Pick Fee

0.55$ per item

0.75$ per item

0.75$ per item

0.75$ per item

Sharehaus Coffee also charges $1.75 for each shipment. This fees covers the cost of the box, tape, shipping labels, packing peanuts, labour etc…

Shipping fees are of course borne by the purchaser but we enjoy very competitive rates from various couriers. 

Sharehaus charges you a fair wholesale price for coffee mugs, and apparel. Additionally, for a very low commission, you may send us your own goods for fulfillment. 

For Example

Jannick’s Coffee Company, has opened a store and has its first order.

The order and applicable fees are show below.

Product QTY Unit Price Line Price Unit
Coffee 2 19.50 39.00 23.40 1.10
Shirt 1 24.95 24.95 10.00 0.75


19.95 39.90 23.94 1.50
Shipment Fee 1 1.75
Totals 103.85  57.34  3.35
Net Profit $43.16

In 3 days time, $43.16 (the net profit from the sale) is deposited to Jannicks’s bank by ShareHaus Coffee. That deposit represents the net profit from your sale.

How do I launch this thing?


First and foremost, Sharehaus Coffee wants you to be successful in this endeavor. To that end we have developed a series of levels for you to grow into. The first tier is free, and as you grow and your requirements scale, we charge low monthly fees to cover the costs of hosting your virtual coffee roastery in our facility. This is also useful for keeping folks on track and focused on growing into the next goal.

Connect with us for a virtual roastery tour