Private Label Coffee Program

A Canadian Solution for dropshipping private label coffee products

What is Private Label Coffee?

The term Private Label Coffee has become increasingly popular in the Canadian coffee industry, and for good reason.

Let’s define the term “Private Label Coffee” and then discuss how it can work for you.

"Private Label Coffee"

Refers to a partnership between an established coffee roastery and a brand owner.

Typically, the coffee roaster offers wholesale coffee prices, custom packaging and dropshiping solutions.

Why Start a private label coffee business?

Serve your community

Earn extra Cash

Work From home


Own your brand

No upfront Cost

Sell a winning product

Private Label coffee is for brands

Whether you’re an independent startup, an established brand or just looking for a side hustle, private label coffee offers a big opportunity to expand your brand. Our private label services ensure your coffee products are exclusively branded to your business. We offer a variety of private label coffee services, and our solutions include:

  • Roast-to-Order: We only roast your coffee once customers have ordered.
  • Order Packing: We package your coffee using your custom labels & bags.
  • Shipping: We ship private label products directly to your customers.
  • Online Store: Sell your private label coffee online using our templates.
  • Graphic Design: our team of graphic designers will help bring your vision to life.

These services help with everything you need to launch your own online coffee company or grow an existing brand.

Your Private Label Coffee partner matters

We know we’re not the only Canadian company offering private label coffee services, but with years of hard work we’ve built a platform with many advantages over our competitors. We’ve built long-lasting relationshsips with our clients because they’ve come to rely on the built-in benefits of our prgram you can’t find elsewhere.

  • Superior product quality
  • Friendly customer service
  • No minimum order amounts
  • Shipping discounts
  • Scalable solutions
  • Website hosting
  • Profesional Designers
  • Sell more than just coffee
Private Label Coffee Supplier Canada

Over the past 20+ years, we’ve helped many clients start or grow their own online private label coffee business. If you’re ready to start your own private label coffe company, reach out today and let us bring your vision to life.
Learn more by contacting our Private Label Coffee Experts today.

Start Your Own Private Label Coffee business today…


Don’t waste time, money or energy on growing someone elses brand when you can create and grow your own!

With virtually no upfront cost to get started and very low monthly expenses, why not give it a shot?

Reach out and we can get started right away.

Private Label Coffee Supplier Canadian Solution


Private label coffee – a canadian perspective


kȯ-fē – p(r)ə-ˈnər

One who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a coffee business or enterprise

Someone who is or wants to be a part of the coffee industry.

Coffeepreneurs might be café owners, professional baristas, roasters, producers, industry bloggers, etc..

Coffee, a booming industry

Did you know coffee is the number one food service beverage in Canada? Now you do.

Over 660 million pounds of coffee were consumed by Canadians in 2021 (Statistics Canada, 2008).

Industry experts agree that sales will continue to rise and consumption will continue to grow in popularity, across virtually all demographic groups.

It’s a perfect time to get started in this exciting industry, and it’s never been easier.

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Build your brand equity

We’ve all seen it. Hard working coffeepreneurs (café owners, baristas, resellers, retailers) who, over the years, build their supplier’s brand to considerable levels. Over time, these good folks will spend tens of thousands of dollars promoting a coffee brand that they have no ownership or control of, literally vaporizing any brand equity they might have been able to build during that time.

After all, how often have we seen the phrase, “Now serving brand XXZ” on a sign or napkin or cup?  What value does this add to your supplier’s brand over 10, 20 or even 30 years of business? Could you retain that goodwill and use it for your own business instead?

No minimun orders

We are continuously asked about minimum orders quantities. Francesco’s Coffee Company specializes in roast-to-order operations. This means that we do not require a minimum order quantity to fulfill orders. Over the years we developed a unique order management system that virtually eliminates the need for any inventory. We have since extended our software to our Private label program and consequently do not require order minimums. We believe that freshness is key to a high quality product and quality is key to success.   Also, not having to tie up your operating capital in staling inventory is a very very good thing.

Low overhead costs

Consider that outfitting a bare bones roastery will set a business owner back a minimum of 150K – 200K in capital costs alone and that’s without taking into account debt servicing for the next 5-10 years. In fact, many new startups flounder and fail under the crushing load of startup costs.

But wait! It doesn’t end at the startup costs. Like all businesses, as you toil tirelessly to pay down your initial investment, you will have to pay ongoing overhead costs like rent, utilities, labor, insurance, upkeep etc…

Businesses that do survive the massive debt load are inevitably plagued by a crippling lack of cashflow and often remain in a zombie state for years before either failing or eventually gaining some traction on the long road to financial success.


Consumers value unique products. It’s very difficult to be unique though, when thousands of others are retailing the same tired brands. Niche markets offer less competition, are easier to access, are generally more profitable and may go unnoticed for years and years by national brands looking to diversify their offering.

Democratizing Coffee

Increasingly, savvy marketers, are choosing to leverage the considerable capital investment of an existing facility rather than taking on the massive financial burden of the startup expense. By partnering up with an established coffee roastery, our brand owner can now use virtually all of their precious startup capital for critical marketing expenses such as website development and advertisement. Private label coffee democratizes access to the coffee industry and makes creating a coffee company a reality for any coffeepreneur.

Control your brand

When you own the brand, decisions are based on your needs and are yours to make. Does your label require updating? Do you need to explore a different market niche? See an opportunity you want to pursue? These are just a few of the many reasons to start your Private label coffee company instead of just promoting some one else’s over marketed product in an already saturated market vertical.


market research

Starting a private label business also offers a major advantage that is often overlooked. It is the single most useful business research tool and it allows the coffeepreneur to test their startup ideas without taking on a huge pile of debt. All of this valuable, actionable research is possible while earning real money and while shirking virtually all of the risks associated with startup. To me that is the single most valuable feature of a private label program.

Keep it Canadian

Francesco’s is a Canadian business and that means that we spend our money here in Canada. We spend our money hiring Canadians who in turn spend their wages in our economy. We also buy Canadian products and we pay Canadian taxes. That is massively beneficial to all of us who live here in beautiful Canada.

Private Label Coffee Supplier Canada
Private Label Coffee Supplier Canadian Solution
Private Label Coffee Supplier Canadian Solution