Virtual Roastery Hosting – E-Commerce Development Package



Setting up a a Private Label Coffee business can be difficult. Sometimes life gets in the way of what we want to accomplish and our busy schedules make it hard find time to  “get it done”.  But why let life stop you from chasing down your dreams? Our staff builds web sites all day long, each and every day. So why not let our dedicated team build your site?  We work quickly, we work well, and we work hard to give each of our partners tremendous value for their hard earned dollar. It is not uncommon for our customers to recoup their investments in as little as a month or two*.

How does it work?

It takes our friendly staff about two weeks to develop your site. During this time, we provide ample opportunity for you to steer the process. Once you have decided to move forward with your project we start by:

  • Scheduling a planning meeting where we go over your vision for the site, Colors, fonts, and overall theme are all discussed so that our team can build your site,
  • Building a website stub with a home page and shop example using your preliminary input. This includes:
    • Going over your brand and your vision
    • Creating a unique landing page
    • Developing a global header & footer
    • Developing a store and product layout
  • Hosting a Zoom meeting to present site direction and concept and foster further input and discussion on the work done and artistic direction.

Once your input and feedback has been gathered, the Sharehaus Team builds out the rest of the site. This includes the following pages:

  • about us
  • contact us
  • Affiliate Program landing Page
  • Affiliate Program login/signup
  • store page
  • product layout page
  • blog  page
  • blog post layout page
  • cart page
  • my account  page
  • order tracking page

We also set create your product labels and set up branded:

  • coffee products,
  • apparel products,
  • drink-ware products.

At this point you can choose to:

  • receive a sample of each product so that you can take the photographs in your settings and upload to the site, or
  • have the Sharehaus Team do the product photography for a small fee and upload the product images directly to the site for you.

The final meeting is a general review meeting where you will inspect the site and labels, and products and provide you final feedback. We then incorporate this feedback and turn the site over you to begin your new life as a private label partner. So how do you get this all started? Simple, once you have made up your mind to push forward with your online virtual hosted coffee company, complete the purchase using the deposit button below. *results do vary from customer to customer and are influenced by many factors such as size of existing community and customer commitment to marketing their business. **Final Payment is due 30 Days from payment of deposit. Deposit is non refundable but if the customer chooses not to engage further the final payment can be waved. ***Payment plans available OAC – Contact your sales representative.


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